ABC for Toddlers

Teaching your toddler the ABCs from an early age can be fun and very rewarding for both you as a parent and your toddler. Parents often worry their child might be behind in their development, especially when their toddler starts to talk. Teaching your toddler to recognize the alphabet letters and sounds from an early age can help build their vocabulary and improve their language skills. There are a number of different methods for learning the abc. These range from educational abc learning games for preschool, abc alphabet songs and online abc games for kids and toddlers.

Colouring and Drawing
Colouring and drawing help children recognize letters, words and sounds through visual representation of different drawings. Recognizing letters is the first step for learning the alphabet. Drawing and colouring is a fun way for both you and your toddler to spend time together.

Playing Alphabet Puzzles
Playing alphabet puzzles is a great way for learning the abc as your toddler can visualize each letter as they play the puzzle. Alphabet puzzles which include letters but also a word for each letter and a picture associated to the word are especially good as your toddler will learn new words and meanings.

Crafts are a great activity for kids to learn new vocabulary and for learning the abc, as the different activities such as cutting, gluing, colouring helps them remember new words, as they learn to associate words with fun activities. Crafts are also a great way for kids to feel a sense of achievement on completion of a craft and to receive the recognition from their parents for the work they have done.

Reading to your Toddler
Reading to kids from a young age helps kids learn to associate words and letters with pictures. It’s also a great way to establish a bedtime routine which can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a parent.

Flashcards are a great way for learning the alphabet and to help kids learn new words as children are visual learners. Flashcards can be used to help kids learn both upper and lowercase alphabet letters but also numbers. One advantage to flashcards is they are easily transported.

Writing the Alphabet
Practicing writing letters of the alphabet is also a good way to familiarize your toddler with letters, words and sounds as well as actually learning the alphabet. One way to do this would be to sign his/her name to his artwork and point out each letter. Over time your toddler will learn that the individual letters make up his name. A second method is to use workbooks. Workbooks are good educational books.

There are a number of DVDs available for teaching your toddler letter identification and sounds. It is important that kids learn the letter sounds rather than the names of each letter because when they learn to read they pronounce each letter in order to say the word. The Leap Frog Letter Factory is a great DVD to teach your toddler early reading skills.

Online ABC Learning Games
Playing online alphabet games is a great way for learning the abc as it help kids to visualize each letter in a fun environment. There are a number of online alphabet games for all ages:

  1. ABC for Toddlers– put the correct alphabet barrel on the cart. Good for early alphabet learning. Good abc game for kids for early alphabet learning.
  2. The haunted alphabet – fun kindergarden or preschool alphabet game to help kids recognise the different letters.
  3. Type me – as letters fall from the sky you must type the corresponding keyboard letters to save them. Different speeds and levels of difficulty. More suitable to older kids aged between 3-5 years old.

ABC Alphabet Songs
Singing alphabet songs is one of the best ways for learning the abc. Kids love music and singing along to songs so its a great way for them to learn the alphabet as they sing along with you or to music. Links to abc songs:

  1. ABC Alphabet Songs
  2. Sing along to the ABC

Play the “What starts with?” Game
Playing the “What starts with?” game is a great way to improve your toddler’s vocabulary and to learn to associate letters with words. To introduce your toddler to this abc game, you start by giving all the answers (like for C: car, cup, curtain etc) and as they learn to understand the game they start coming up with the answers.